Hearing Aid Services

A word about taking care of your hearing device investment:

Did you know that repetitive scheduled service of your hearing devices is normal and essential for you to gain optimum sound quality and the most from your hearing device investment? Our team at Evolve Hearing Center is dedicated to assist hearing device users with services such as cleanings, battery installation, minor repairs and clean-outs, and routine upkeep.

Because hearing aids are highly sensitive, miniaturized computers for your ears, we recommend quarterly maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the devices work properly. Bring them in to our office in the Beverly Hills-Los Angeles area for periodic checkups. No matter if you purchased from us on not, we have the equipment, technology and knowledge to help you gain the most from your devices and to hear better.

Our standard services include:

  • Routine check-ups
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repairs
  • Regular cleanings and adjustments
  • Annual hearing testing
  • Warranty service and loss and damage coverage

Real Ear Measures (REM)

We offer REM testing as part of our hearing aid fittings. This is a verification procedure that ensures your hearing aid settings are specifically fit to your individual hearing loss. The purpose of REM is to provide maximum audibility while ensuring comfortable sound delivery to you for speech sounds traveling to your brain for processing.

This procedure is classified as part of "best practices" in audiology and hearing aid dispensing and is available for all hearing aids that we dispense. In addition to REM testing we also offer speech-in-noise measures as part of our verification procedures for hearing aid fittings. Ask us about REM and speech-in-noise measures when you come in for your appointment.

Other Related Products:

We also offer alternative hearing device solutions for minimal or situational hearing loss and hearing protection such as:

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Custom earmolds for water or sound protection
  • Enhanced television listening options
  • Caption Call Phones

Evolve Hearing Center offers a wide variety of services to ensure your hearing device’s longevity. Join us and learn why the residents of Los Angeles-Beverly Hills, CA area have entrusted us with their hearing care needs since 2013.